Our Expertise

At INTEGRITAS we pride ourselves in providing unique solutions in an exemplary manner. Our services evolve to address the changes in fiscal and economic operating realities.

Audit and Assurance

We strongly believe that auditing is more than the mere verification of figures. Through our risk and process oriented audit approach, we identify risks and raise the awareness of those to our clients. We provide solutions for arising issues and challenges. Being an official Registered Auditor, INTEGRITAS in Cyprus is your leading partner for financial audit assignments.

Our services in the field include:

  • Performing statutory audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing
  • Performing specific purpose audits
  • Performing audit investigations
  • Providing due diligence services

Accounting & financial reporting

INTEGRITAS recognizes the importance of forecasting and budgeting, controlling and reporting for any enterprise. Those are useful tools which facilitate the strategic planning process. Information which is usually processed for the fulfillment of the aforementioned functions is based on accurate book-keeping and accounting methodologies. In the light of this we can assist clients with:

  • Preparation of computerized accounting records in multiple currencies (Book-keeping and maintaining basic accounting records)
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • Preparation of budgets and variance reports against actual
  • Providing technical accounting advice

Business Advisory & Internal Audit

In an ever dynamic environment, the companies must permanently adjust and anticipate changes in order to remain competitive.
Facing these challenges, sometimes the organisation and operating procedures are not in line with the strategic, operational and financial objectives. The risks of control loss, failures or control gaps are therefore higher.

In the light of the above our professionals assist clients with the:

  • Evaluation of the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of their internal procedures and processes
  • Evaluation of internal systems to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies’ requirements
  • Preparation of internal audit reports for management use and for internal audit committees
  • Exercise of special investigations including Fraud investigations upon clients’ requests
  • Evaluation of compliance with Laws, regulations and standards
  • Support in the implementation and review of Internal Control Systems

Local & International Tax

INTEGRITAS can provide your organization with scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient options to address shifts in your tax compliance support needs. Our tax compliance framework addresses the needs of organizations of various sizes and complexity. We have invested heavily in standardized processes tools to offer organizations high-quality, cost-effective tax compliance services

Moreover, we have the tax advisor’s background and experience that allows us to identify the specific needs of each client to match them with the most suitable international tax planning advice. Each structure is assessed to decide whether tax advice is required or not.
Our services in the field include:

  • Tax consultancy
  • International tax planning and structuring
  • Advising on utilization of Double Taxation treaties
  • Corporate tax, Personal tax and VAT compliance

Business Incorporation, Administration and Management

Investors and High Net Worth Individuals can be affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world. Consequently, they establish suitable vehicles to adapt to such changes and developments and thus manage their operations and wealth efficiently.

Once we structure your business in a tax-efficient manner, our multilingual staff is able to support clients with the following services:

  • International business entities incorporations in Cyprus and other outstanding financial jurisdictions.
  • Formation / registration of other business entities including branches and partnerships
  • Provision of registered office address
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Provision of local directors and company secretary
  • Corporate administration and secretarial services
  • Implementing all the necessary procedures to enable the client becoming operational

Trust, Fiduciary & Escrow

Trusts are a valuable planning tool that can be a very important part of wealth management planning for high net worth families. A well-structured trust can be very effective, allowing for a number of advanced tax and estate planning strategies.

In the light of this need, we can form and administer a Cyprus International Trust as well as to provide trustee and protector service according to the clients requirements.

Moreover, escrow services are frequently and primarily used to mitigate financial risk, such as counterparty risk, price risk or execution risk – critically important when closing transactions.

Selecting a responsive and reliable escrow provider is a primary concern for all, and yet escrow arrangements are often the last consideration in a long, intricate process. Again we can provide quick turnaround on escrow agreements – enabling deals to close on time. Specifically, we are able to act in the position of escrow agent between third parties which require such trustworthy agent as part of a legitimate asset exchange transaction.


We can assist clients with the following services:

  • Arranging for bank account opening
  • Reporting and monitoring of bank account movements
  • Provision of bank signatories and processing and execution of bank instructions
  • Arranging for bank credit cards or applications for bank financing

Cyprus Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Floatation in ECM

The tax and regulatory synergies are now in place to attract not only the funds themselves but also fund managers and investors. With the entrance into the European Union as per 1 May 2004, Cyprus has become one of the most interesting countries from where to set up and operate Investment and Financial Services activities.
INTEGRITAS is a partner firm of a fully licensed firm and can assist clients with the registration, administration and management of Investment Funds (ICISs) such as:

  • International Fixed Capital Company (IFCC)
  • International Variable Capital Company (IVCC)
  • International Unit Trust Scheme (IUTS)
  • International Investment Limited Partnership (IILP)

Likewise, we can also assist with the set-up of a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIFs) including assistance with:

  • the preparation and monitoring of the application for obtaining a CIF authorization
  • the preparation of an organizational structure that will satisfy the Commission including the outsourcing of non-core functions
  • the preparation of all necessary manuals

Moreover, again through our partner we can assist with the floatation of companies on the Emerging Companies Market as well as with the compliance during the post admission phase.

Cyprus Citizenship & Immigration

INTEGRITAS is registered with the Registry of Service Providers (Registry) of the Cyprus Investment Programme and it can advise as well as guide you through the process for a successful outcome of an application for the Cyprus Citizenship. Our local knowledge, professional expertise and familiarization with local practices are at client’s disposal. Please contact us for more details and conditions about the programme.