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Trust, Fiduciary & Escrow

Trusts are a valuable planning tool that can be a very important part of wealth management planning for high net worth families. A well-structured trust can be very effective, allowing for a number of advanced tax and estate planning strategies.

In the light of this need, we can form and administer a Cyprus International Trust as well as to provide trustee and protector service according to the clients requirements.

Moreover, escrow services are frequently and primarily used to mitigate financial risk, such as counterparty risk, price risk or execution risk - critically important when closing transactions.

Selecting a responsive and reliable escrow provider is a primary concern for all, and yet escrow arrangements are often the last consideration in a long, intricate process. Again we can provide quick turnaround on escrow agreements - enabling deals to close on time. Specifically, we are able to act in the position of escrow agent between third parties which require such trustworthy agent as part of a legitimate asset exchange transaction.

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